Activity Reports



Sir Couples Golf  March 11, 2021

Chairpersons Paul D and Paul H have stepped aside

By selecting Gordon B and Bob O to be the ones to guide.

The Sir Couples Golf Group will have a new look in 2021

With opportunities for couples to compete just for fun!

The second Thursday of the month is the regular date

And Diablo Hills Golf Course is usually first rate!

Tee times start at 10 am, and

we hope you will join us to play each date.

Instructions for online sign ups will be sent each week,

Willingly, Gordon will assist with whatever you seek.

Congrats to Holley Y for having a big ‘5’ birthday event,

And to Bob and Daphne 65 years of marriage-heaven sent!

We are eager for anyone to join our group to play

To appreciate the game spirit for a fun golf day.

Contact for more information,

Or visit  if you need confirmation.

Golfers for today were: Judy B, Gordon and Margaret B,

Dan C, Paul & Millie H, Roger &Mardi Y, Paul D, Joe D,

Linda G, Bob and Daphne O, Marilyn S and Birgit P.

We will see you at our next play date: