Our apologies for canceling the BBQ scheduled for Tuesday, June 21, 2022! Dan Crowley and Leo Dominguez decided to cancel after discussions with volunteers. Besides the high heat of 107 F at the Concord Community Park (Cowell), that all attendees would have endured, the chefs would have been at least 117F because of the high heat from the multiple grills. We were very concerned about the health risks for all.

There are so many to thank for all the pre-work and the multiple trips to plan and purchase all the goods. Many of the purchases are not returnable, besides the perishables, liquor by regulation cannot be returned. So, we were successful and quickly donated the purchased food to Food banks. That in itself created a great effort for Thom Watkins and his talented wife, Paula Murphy,  Ron Maciak and Linda Gawura, Ron’s terrific wife. Also thank you to Dan Crowley and Leo Dominguez for all their running around and pre-work for the BBQ.

Phil Trapp met with the chef team many times and all the volunteers met to plan several times. Bob Barnes, always is the designated Concord resident that can access the park to rent for the day, and he graciously carries the deposit fee until after the event which is certainly many months from registration to event. Many volunteers visited the storage provided by Dan Crowley several times to meticulously inventory all the containers to make sure we were prepared.

We acted quickly after the cancellation decision, and not only sent out Constant Contact emails, (thanks to Manuel Dominguez), but we created an “emergency phone tree” and called all signed attendees.

Needless to say, all of us volunteers were sad to have had to cancel, but after a group of us spoke, we really thought this was the best solution to protect the health of all our members and those that were accompanying them.

Thank you for your understanding and support.
Dan Crowley and Leo Dominguez