Branch 8 Survey – 2016

Fellow Branch 8 members

Welcome to the Survey announced by Big Sir Darryl Sweetland and Sir Tony De Losada at the May luncheon.  Your branch leadership needs to know YOUR opinion about how we are doing, so please complete the following survey and let us know. We don’t ask for your name or membership number so the results are truly anonymous.

In our pilot testing most people took about 3 minutes to complete the whole survey. At the end there is a “Done” button which tells you to click it to submit the survey. If you want to review your answers before sending you can simply scroll up and down the page freely, only submitting when you are satisfied.

All questions except the 3 boxes for free-text are mandatory, and a small red * indicates this. Please note that if you miss a question the “Done” button will not work.  All you will need to do is scroll back up the page and look for a message in RED which identifies the missed question!

The survey only takes a few minutes but the results will be valuable in guiding the branch in the direction YOU the members want. Give your opinion NOW.

  • If you were an Online Pilot tester: you must complete the survey again Online here! 
  • If you submitted the Survey at the Monday Luncheon table: do not take this OnlineSurvey!
Thank you, and please proceed to Question 1