2015 Golf History Report

18-Hole Golf 2015 History

The Golf Committee

The 2015 golf season was very successful. Branch #8 placed over 2000 players on to twenty-three different golf courses. If one considers the equipment, luncheons, green fees as a total, we contributed over $100,000 to the golf links and their vendors.

Players vary in talent, yet our Branch has some excellent athletes. For example, Robert Ryan, Kevin Roberts and Gordon Batesole have shot in the 70s before adjusting to handicaps. Such a feat is a remarkable statement of skill.

Handicaps are a very important balancing to the amateur standings. It is a method of leveling the playing field. These indexes are computed after every round then a handicap is assigned to each player. Then this index number is subtracted from the actual individual’s score. For example, a golfer shoots a 90, with a 15 handicap, then it would net-out at 75. For Branch#8 golfers 23.1 is the average handicap.

We add several different types of tournaments to our schedules.  As an example, several times we have used the Scramble format. This is where players are divided into four man groups and compete as teams. Also, during a couple of fun tournaments rules were modified allowing putting holes to be made larger. New ideas keep the game interesting. 

This brings us to one of the biggest events of the year, The Club Championship. The occasion is played over a two weeks period. This year Kevin Roberts and Buddy May both posted scores of 164. However, in the play-off Kevin Roberts emerged as the champion.

In the handicap division, Stan Johnson easily leaded the field of play by beating the nearest opponent by seven strokes. Also during the regional qualifier, Stan qualified for the state champion held this year at the Carmel Poppy-Hills Country Club.  

Few players in the Sir organization are capable scoring at or better than their age. However, Hal Samson established a new record being the oldest player of our branch to tally such a score. At the age of 93, Hal shot a 91 on a Sir qualified course.

Other highlights would include Joe D’Angelo getting a hole-in-one while Ken Rader, Dick Brown, Bob Ryan, Joe Maurino, Dwane McGlothin, Don Dennler, Stan Johnson and Dennis Reschke should be applauded for winning two or more tournaments during the season.

The schedule of play would not be possible without our dedicated officers: Gordon Batesole for posting and computing handicap scores, Mike Hennessy for finalizing 23 difficult golf course contracts, Buddy May for the painstaking collecting of some 2000 checks for golfing fees, Jim Erickson for arranging the special tournaments, Bill Koski for being the communication chief not only to the players but to publications, Joe Maurino organizing and directing the marshals program, Dwaine McGlothin for posting the sign-up sheets and computer maintenance as well as Jim Regan, Darryl Sweetland, Bill Hunter, Mike Hennessy for their advice plus arranging weekend outings. 

Taking into account the 18 and 9-hole groups plus the couples gathering, Branch #8 has approximately150 active golf participants. We expect the 2016 season to be equally successful.