2015 E&E History Report

Explore & Eat Annual Report for 2015

Chairman: Ron Woods

Assistant Chairman: Larry McEwen

E&E sponsored 7 events during 2015. The events and attendees are listed below.  Angel Island is listed because it was scheduled, but we had no takers.


Day at the Races/ USS Potomac/Angel Island Buffet/Scott’s
Ben Yeraka Bob Kahl Bill Barnard
Don Cvietusa Bob Roche Tom Mohrman
Joe Anthony Gary Brown Larry Yarberry
Ken Main Terry Vinson Jim Warner
Darryl Sweetland Steve Greytag Foster Zeigler
Jim Ripley Les Hopkins Alex Go
Jim Erickson Glenn Gilman Bill Phelon
Robin Lamont Bud Grisanti Bob Hagler
Terry Mason Dave Sutton Bob Decker
Don Marchman John Shumway Ernie Sherne
Nat Bitton Bob Barnes

Disney Family Museum;  Jan 29, 2015

Lunch at the Arguello in the old Officer’s Club or the Museum cafeteria

Bob Wells, Larry Yarberry, Joe Casalaina, Alan Schulze, Dan Rinaldi, Ron Woods, Bob Olson, Ernie Sherne, Bob Weiss

Autodesk Gallery February 26, lunch at Palomino’s

Nick Maufe, Ron Woods, Ed Benson, DeWayne Ruwe, Bob Olson

De Young Museum: J Turner Exhibit Sept 1, lunch at the museum cafeteria

Jack Bybee, Bill Collins, Les Hopkins, Lowell Robinson, Bob Olson, John Crooks, Tom Mohrman.

De Young Museum: 1915 Pan American Exhibition Centenielle Oct. 29.

Lunch at the museum cafeteria

Stan Johnson, Bruce Benzler, Bill Bargenquast, David Bushnell, Bud Grisanti