2015 Duplicate Bridge History Report

Duplicate Bridge I

Bob Kahl, Chairman
Dick Long, Asst Chairman
Tom Hensley, Asst Chairman

The Duplicate Bridge I group meets on the second Friday of each month at 9:00AM. at Chateau II in Pleasant Hill. A playing session consists of 4 tables of duplicate bridge. We play 21 hands or “boards” at each session, with a session lasting about 3 hours. Each player contributes $3.00 at each session toward prize money which is awarded to the top 3 pairs for that session. We have 16 regular members. However, there are another 10 or so SIR players that have substituted one or more times. Also, we have several guest players, including some SIR wives, who often play.

The competition is keen yet friendly. While some pairs tend to score above average, the play is not dominated by any one pair.

This group started many years ago and rotated the play between the members’ homes. The play was limited to 4 tables as that is all the typical home could accommodate. When one of our members moved into an assisted living facility, we found a place where we could play regularly. This works well as the set-up is minimal and some refreshments are provided. We are still limited to 4 tables because of space. However, due to the constant need for substitutes, many more than the regular 16 members get to play.