2015 BBQ History Report

2015 Branch 8 Annual BBQ Annual Report

Chairman: Ed Benson

Assistant Chairman: Phil Trapp

For the last seven years, Sirs in the Kitchen has held the Branch 8 BBQ in June.  This year we continued the successful changes that were made in 2014 when the event was moved from Castle Rock Park to Concord Community Park, and the food was catered by a Branch 8 member, Tom Borman, and his crew.  We were saddened by the loss of long time BBQ Assistant Chairman, Walt Schick.

This year 120 Sirs and guests enjoyed appetizers including sausage and chicken wings, BBQ’ed steak, beans, salad, dessert and copious amounts of wine, beer, soft drinks and even some water.   The party typically begins around 4:00 pm. and the last dog dies around dusk.  A great time is had by all, and it is looked forward to each year.  First come, first served sign-ups are typically first taken in March and spaces tend to go fast.  Come join us!