2015 Bargain Wines History Report

Sir Bargain Wines – 2015 Annual Report

Chairman: Ed Benson
Assistant Chairman: Jim Warner

The Sir Bargain Wine activity entered its fifth year in 2015, and it has proved even more popular with 59 members.  The objective of the group is to let members take advantage of BevMo and Grocery Outlet (as well as Safeway, Trader Joe’s etc.) major wine sales; therefore, the meetings are called on an ad hoc basis, usually four or five times a year.  Wines purchased are in the $10 and less price range.

This year we only managed three events due to Head Wino Ed’ schedule and responsibilities as Big Sir. The venues included Zio Fraedo’s, a yacht trip on the Straits and a BBQ at Viano Vineyard.  For 2016, Head Wino Ed and Assistant Jim will swap places so we should get back to our target of four or five meetings.  We will work to schedule another yacht trip given the success of the one held in 2015.

Here’s how it works.  The Chairman notifies members of the meeting, and he and volunteers purchase wines, and the participants meet, sample and decide if those wines purchased are candidates for further purchase.  Usually a cheese and cracker selection accompanies the tasting.  The tasting is followed by a group dinner.  All costs are shared on a pro-rata basis.

The tastings are either held at a member’s home or one of the retail outlets; the dinners are held at either a restaurant or the home of the Sir volunteer where the tasting was held.