Website Analytics

Declining Usage of our Web Site. WHY?

If we review the number of pageviews monthly for the years 2019 and 2014 (see graph below) it is obvious there has been a decline in website usage. The statistics below the graph (reported by our analytics package) show the decline is 37.17% over the 6 year period. Your webmaster is unsure of the reason(s) for this decline but has instituted a discussion with the BEC. Any suggestions to help increase readership are welcomed – it’s most likely that there is more than 1 cure!

The following table lists the most often read pages on our Branch 8 website during 2019, using the pageview statistic from our analytics package. A pageview is exactly what the name implies: each time anyone reads a page, a ‘pageview’ counter increments 1 more view.

You may wonder why Hotline has 2 entries; /hotline/ and /hotline in the list.  The analytics scorekeeper sees these as different web page addresses (or URLs). The main part of our web page address, i.e., always comes immediately before the first ‘/ ‘ (forward slash) of each page’s full URL so is not repeated for each page..

You can go to any page in the site in one click by using its full URL. So for example, type  and you will go directly to the Hotline page. This explains the data shown in the columns marked ‘Direct access’ and ‘% Direct’. So 79% of the people who viewed Hotline using the URL /hotline went to that page directly (as opposed to going to the front page and then clicking on ‘Our Newsletter’.  At the other extreme. only 4% of the people who looked at the Activity Chairs page went there directly.