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about this mini site


This Month

Why SIRtire? The word SIRtire is derived from the word satire. The difference: SIRtire conveys only a positive, uniquely jocular, situation; satire has no such restriction.


  • An image of an ordinary event that is altered to seem important.
  • Images showing everyday activity in which human folly and silliness are
  • A masterful conception* comprising such occurrences so as to bring its
    attention to the discerning SIR.
  • *Often employing SIRcasm.

[SIRtire is intended for fun.We each have our own opinions about what is funny. Nothing here is meant to offend. If you find something offensive, please notify me via email with your concerns and I will address them – Rick]

Bargain BitesMeetingsBranch     "8" WelcomeLuncheonFollow the MoneyLadies Day LuncheonFloating_Menus

SIR has a long and distinguished history. But for me, SIR history started when I joined Branch 8. And I am determined to discover what makes Branch 8 the shining example that is! In short, I am determined to answer:

The Question:

Why is Branch 8 the best SIR branch?

"So join me in my journey through Branch 8 to discover
its bestness."


The Current Quip

The sooner you fall behind, the more time you’ll have to catch up.





I uncovered a whole set of restrictions

The group is non-profit. They don’t raise money, they don’t have a political agenda, they don’t have a religious orientation, and they don’t sell light bulbs or anything else.

Now that I think about it, this is good!

So what happens if I join Branch 8?
What is there to do?

As it turns out, anything I want.

As was described to me at induction, when you join SIR Branch 8, you join a level playing field. If you don’t see what you want, you can do something about it!

There are important questions I found myself pondering before becoming a SIR:

  • Where did the bird come from? I mean, who uses a Rooster as a mascot? Where do they meet, in a barnyard?
  • There are monthly luncheons for all the members. 359 members – who can eat lunch in a stadium?
  • There are speakers at these luncheons. Right, booooring!
  • And what do members do with themselves when they’re not eating lunch?
  • They also maintain a Rogues Gallery which they say is composed of members. Right, then why does everyone have a number under his head? And what does "MD" stand for anyway?


Resolving Questions/Making Observations:

So why the Rooster?

“Official” Rooster Reasoning!

However my answer is: "Because they are tasty!"

A Bargain Bites Dinner

Dedicated members search the local restaurants and provide an opportunity to have a meal at bargain price.



Okay, I’m ready to go to my first meeting: I won’t say there were trepidations at this first luncheon because I don’t know what trepidation means. What will it be like? Will anyone even know I’ve arrived? I mean there are over 300 members; that’s big pressure unless you’re real good with names.

Greeters & Guests

Once inside the Hilton where the meetings are held, I was greeted by some guys my own age who welcomed me to SIR. “Wow, this is a great start.” I had been told that if you are retired, this is the place to be. All SIRs are made to feel welcome no matter what your background; if you are just plain folk or if you happen to be a retired super hero, you can take your seat at the monthly luncheon.

Click Images to Enlarge

Guests and visitors are looked after by their sponsors, so they don’t feel like strangers. My sponsor was great (he still is). One of the SIRs is a special “counter” who insures all guests as well as members, are uh ”counted” for. Luncheons are amiable affairs allowing time for SIRs to catch up on activities and meet and make new friends.



I got to the “welcome” area just outside the luncheon location, and I realized I needn’t have worried. SIR Branch 8 seems to have everything thought out.

Click for a better image view.

A bit dramatic, maybe, but well thought out. At this point they give you your nametag, you know like in grade school, so after a quick look at a lapel or shirt pocket, you know with whom you are speaking. And no regimentation; first come first seated is the way it works. So, I get to meet different people at each luncheon and can take my time learning their names. A small id card reserves my place while I explore the current month’s activities or hobbies in the lobby.


Elegant Eating

I decided to arrive early for my first luncheon so I could see how things really progressed. Would they be able handle the enormous influx of SIRs? Okay, it’s a huge luncheon room but you can get lost in a big arena. I wondered how are you going to hear or see presentations? I got there just as they were setting up and testing a projector to support the visuals by members and guest speakers. Then I heard a microphone and speaker system being tested.

The image they were displaying on the screen looked very familiar. In fact it appeared to be the very image at which I was looking. To verify this, I walked closer to the image on the screen which you can do by clicking the image on the screen.

Wow! I was right! The image I was looking at was the
very same image at which I was looking…(Huh?)



SIR Branch 8 appears to be well organized, efficient and incredibly diverse. But, in order to run an organization this effectively without sales or promotions, you need money, right? So I began searching to find out how the branch is funded.

I was told money is raised mostly from modest member dues and monthly luncheons. I found this difficult to believe until I located the cash round-up that occurs prior to each luncheon:


A Ladies Day Luncheon

A semi-annual luncheon? Sounds reasonable. But what’s the big deal?

Well as it turns out, members very much enjoy sharing their partners at this wonderful twice-a-year dining experience with all of SIR — like the cool dude in the center of this photo.

ALERT!. Waldo is in this image.
If you don’t see him, move the cursor over the image to Find Waldo


A Word About Toggles and Floating Menus

You will at times come across “Toggle Menu Buttons” and “Floating Menus.” Illustrated by the following image, toggle menus are meant to turn something on or off; show something or hide it; floating menus are helpful access links to the topics at hand.


These Web pages would not have been possible without:

  • The Superior Sponsorship of Stan Johnson
  • The "Bob Barnes Buoyant Bocce Bowlers"
  • Support and encouragement from Ron Smith, Richard Bal as well as
    Don Atwater, Rod and Mary Ann Spicer,
    and David Bushnel
  • Insightful critique by Tony de Losada
  • Hotline Support of Dan Weller and Jim Ripley
  • Humor and Photogenic qualities exhibited by Erland Persson, and
  • Thoughtful help and expertise of Derek Southern.



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