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Book Exchange Crow Canyon Country Club Bocce Bash

Regarding Sirtire:

Bocce Bash

Mel’s Diner:

October 2017

The only thing more strenuous than playing Bocce is the end-of-season Bocce Bash luncheon. 2017 was inspired. Let’s face it, we are good. All players agreed it is a shame to waste so much talent on just Bocce. So Bob, our enigmatic leader was immediately on the horn to that excellent producer Spielberg; David Allen Spielberg. Spielberg came by and after interviewing us he decided we were like “The Dirty Dozen.” But, unfortunately, that has been done. Our inspired leader suggested “The Bocce Dozen.” (He’s always coming up with these incredible insights). Well Spielberg went for it. He immediately cast each of us in a role and being the professional he is, when he was done, there were no actors left over.
So David Allen Spielberg gave us an autographed copy of… himself

and then brought in his best writers and in no time at all, we had a script!
So we were able to begin rehearsal forthwith.

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And while we rehearsed, Spielberg’s publicity department put together some fabulous marketing material exemplified by:
Publicity was planned with meticulous care and Opening night was indeed, attended by people.


Crow Canyon Country Club

Dine Out 1 CCCC:

July 2017

Now that I’m getting along in years – no, I mean I’ve been a SIR for over a year, I can start appreciating some dining activities for the 2nd time. Last year I was fortunate enough to select the Crow Canyon Country Club. I figure since I’m not able to play golf, I can at least hang out with the elite. And as you might expect, they were gracious and welcoming.
The only concern I had was the dessert. Last year I gained 10 pounds just from looking at the dessert table. This year the food was just as delicious but I refrained from going to the dessert table and instead had my dessert delivered by one of the friendlier, open and giving SIRs who would have been only too happy to take that dessert and shove it – onto my table.
While everything was set up carefully and in good taste, I couldn’t but think that the occasion would be more festive if an ice figure were to adorn each table; but not a swan. Swans are so trite. I envisioned an ice figure that was consistent with the strong, outgoing and robust personality of the branch:
Click to View Ice Sculpture I thought this would add a very nice quality touch to the meal..
But then it occurred to me: who was going to mop up a melted ice figure? Maybe it was just as well not to have the water dripping in everyone’s lap.It tends to create a distraction. Click to View Ice Sculpture


Chef Chao’s Chinese Restaurant

Chef Chao’s:

Moraga May 2017

Chef Chao’s is pretty special. A legitimate resident Buddha welcomes guests when they arrive.
To help you feel right at home, the Buddha will even join you for an authentic bona fide Buddha diner dinner.
Speaking in a rich Chinese acccent, the Buddha strongly recommended the New Year’s soup. So I ordered a bowl but couldn’t eat it: it grossed me out! I misheard, the Buddha actually said, “New Ears Soup”
Click image to magnify Would you believe some diners literally freaked out? They thought the bowl contained a real ear. So to make amends, the Buddha again sat with us at a table, lightening everyone up by teasing a fellow diner who was trying to hide from him.?


Black Angus

Black Angus:

March 2017



Savanh Tai Restaurant:

March 2017

Bargain Bites – Savanh This was a particularly delightful meal. Ron was so happy to see me coming that as I approached his table (left) Ron broke out into a huge smile [you can approach his table with the mouse]. There were 40 of us with another 40 set for the next week.
Here Linda, an enthusiastic diner, attempted to sneak up on me. But I was ready for her as I captured her approach with the “reverse” mechanism on my iPhone. Even though I surprised her, or maybe because I surprised her, she appeared to enjoy being totally surprised*.

* A little “SIRcasm© there.


Old Spaghetti Factory

Dine Out 1:

February 2017

So far the food has been excellent where ever we dine, but I must say I was skeptical about going to the “Old Spaghetti Factory” because who wants to eat old spaghetti? But some SIRs were really into it and sucked it right up!



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Book Exchange

Prior to luncheons some strong rugged SIRs set up a book exchange. They cart in box after box of books donated by members who can’t read for those who can. There is even an activity where a book is read each month and discussed by the members of that activity who can talk.

One day the books were gone and in their place was an exciting therapeutic game called “Whack-a-SIR!”

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