Table (Yellow) Comment Card feedback

Analysis of Comment Cards from May 8, 2017 SIR Branch 8 Lunch Meeting. 

There were 10 cards turned in by one guest, one unaffiliated attendee and 8 members. The guest was “Impressed”, one member was “Impressed”, “Pleasantly Surprised”, and “Satis-fied”,but gave no comments, the unaffiliated attendee was “Pleasantly Surprised”, one member was “Satisfied”, two members were “A bit annoyed”, and four members gave no attitudes.

The guest thought the luncheon was very well organized and that everyone was great!

Food got seven comments: really liked the meal; getting tired of chicken; chicken not rubbery; vegetables were warm and not overcooked; why have two vegetables, leftover carrots food waste was significant; salad and dessert are the best offerings; and pineapple cake was good. 

The dancers were good, but once is enough. The audio quality of the dancer’s music was horrible. Sound system needs to be checked before use or repaired. Speakers were good, but too long.

Two mentioned the invocation. Keep the prayer, an important and needed part of a SIR lunch. The invocation is appropriate, powerful, and non-denominational.

Activity announcements too long for one.

One found the audience very rude; thinks we should hold applause until all of a group such as greeters or guests have been introduced. Another wants more jokes; needs a little humor.

The most interesting topic is that we should spend more energy in welcoming new members and have more information about them at the luncheon instead of an e-mail blast later.

Jim Sowell

updated 5/21/2017 dls

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