Sirs in the Kitchen

Chairman: Ed Benson


Sirs in the Kitchen
Tri Tip is a Winner!
This is being written prior to our August meeting as we are meeting after the Hotline deadline. Here’s what my crystal ball tells me. On August 21, our luncheon began with bartender Jack’s Margaritas, accompanied by guacamole and chile con queso. Once we got the appetites warmed up we followed with BBQ’d USDA Prime Tri Tip with Chimichurri sauce, a wonderful concoction of Italian parsley, cilantro, olive oil, wine vinegar and spices. EC Ed ‘sez, “Try it out the next time you barbecue beef.”
The rest of the meal included Caesar salad, stuffed baked potatoes and Mexican corn.
Phil, Howard, George, Ron and Raleigh managed sous chef duties, John, Bill and Jack did the set up/take down the rest of the gang did the clean up, and Casa Benson was shortly made spic and span.
Save the date of September 18 for our tenth annual fish fry with our area fishing group. We’ve been promised plenty of salmon, halibut and yellowtail. Appetizers will be Fisher Carl’s famous fried rockfish with homemade tartar sauce and maybe even some smoked salmon. For the entree I’m thinking salmon with hollandaise sauce, halibut Florentine (that’s with creamed spinach) and seared yellowtail with buere blanc sauce and a dash of wasabi vinaigrette or maybe even a ceviche. Homemade ice cream will follow. This event is one of the highlights of the year; don’t miss it.
Sirs in the Kitchen is now at 52 members. If you want to join, drop Executive Chef Ed an email (, call him (925-943-7011) or catch him at the monthly meeting. All luncheons are at Casa Benson and cost $20; that’s the best deal in town.
Should any Sirs want our recipes, email Executive Chef Ed, and they’ll be sent to you.


updated 8/26/2018 tjk

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