Sirs in the Kitchen

Chairman: Ed Benson


Sirs in the Kitchen
Brisket, Bean and Slaw
This is being written prior to the meeting due to the Hotline Deadline.
February brought the greatest Sirs in the Kitchen attendance that anyone can remember. Thirty-two attendees chowed down of Chef Thom’s smoked brisket sandwiches with homemade BBQ sauce, and the meal was rounded out by Executive Chef Ed’s slaw, hot and sour beans and Amaretto bread pudding with Amaretto sauce and vanilla ice cream. What a feast! Sous chef duty fell to Larry, Klaus and Raleigh.
The weather is turning cold, so it looks like the festivities will have to be held indoors. Casa Benson will be rocking. As this is being written the day before, I assume the home is still standing at the end of the day…
Our March meeting will be held the first day of Spring, Tuesday the 20th. The weather should be warmer so maybe we can start using the outdoors. The menu is a bit up in the air. It would be great to have our usual crab feed with crab cakes and cracked crab, but the catch is spotty and VERY expensive. If we can’t do crab, maybe we can work on Chef Ron and have an authentic Polish meal. Stay tuned.
March Menu update:
After discussions with Jack Sagan and his telephone call to the lovely Darlene it looks like crab will be on for March 20. However, we may have to raise the charge to $25 from the usual $20.  The menu will be as follows:
  • A cup of Boston Clam Chowder
  • EC Ed’s Famous Crab Cake with a Caesar Salad
  • One half a Cracked Crab
  • Lemon Cheesecake
I will need four sous chefs on Monday, March 19 and four more on Tuesday the 20th. So get those reservations in. 
Remember, we are making a big push to bring SIR potential members as guests to our activities, so I encourage all of you to bring some to our Sirs In the Kitchen events.
Sirs in the Kitchen is now at 52 members. If you want to join, drop Executive Chef Ed an email (, call him (925-943-7011) or catch him at the monthly meeting. All luncheons are at Casa Benson and cost $20; that’s the best deal in town.
updated 2/26/2018 tjk
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