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Sirs in the Kitchen

Bah Humbug…
The Christmas and holiday season is not a fun time to be recuperating from hip surgery.  So the cucina at Casa Benson is cold, and all the Sirs in the Kitchen elves have to find other venues to entertained.  However, Ms Donna and I wish all the elves and other interested Sirs who might be reading this a very Merry Christmas or any other type of celebration they might be participating in.

Update:  The January 22 Sirs in the Kitchen event is CANCELED.  Look for an update on February plans soon.  

Our first 2018 meeting will be on January, 22, and this is one week later than usual.  We’ll be doing something easy like aged prime rib or New York strip roast accompanied by twice baked potatoes, green bean casserole, Caesar salad and some type of dessert – maybe cheesecake???  Yorkshire pudding might even make an appearance.  Stay tuned for an announcement in early January, but save the January 22 date now.

Sirs in the Kitchen is now at 52 members.  If you want to join, drop Executive Chef Ed an email (, call him (925-943-7011) or catch him at the monthly meeting.  So far, we’ve always had room for anyone who was able to attend, and our typical luncheon turns out 25 to 30, or so.  You don’t have to be an experienced cook (our members have all levels of cooking ability) or have a kitchen and dining area large enough to accommodate all of us.   The usual shared cost for the luncheon and wine is $20, and that’s the best deal in town.

 Should any Sirs want our recipes, email Executive Chef Ed, and they’ll be sent to you.

Updated 01/08/2019  tjk

Ten Years of Fish
September 18 was a beautiful day to have an event. The weather was great, and 46 Sirs in the Kitchen and Area Fishermen had the tenth annual Fish Extravaganza – that’s a lot more than a simple fish fry, although we did have fried fish.
Sous chefs Jack S., Ron M., Thom and Executive Chef Ed met the day before to do the mission critical prep cooking so next day’s event would go smoothly. On the day of the event, the set up crew did its job, and the three sous chefs from the day before were supplemented by Raleigh, Howard, George and fisherman Carl on the outside fry pan doing his famous fried rock. The guests ate just about everything – eight pounds each of salmon, halibut, yellowtail and rockfish along with creamed spinach, rice, hollandaise sauce, homemade ice cream and cookies. We could have used a couple more pounds of each of the fish. Live and learn. Kudos to the ice cream makers, take down crew and clean up crew too.


updated 9/26/2018 tjk

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