SIR Capital One Cafe’ Non-Profit Appreciation Week

As one of the participants in the Capital One Cafe’ Non-Profit Week, organized by Branch 8 Community Outreach and Publicity and Image Committees, we have been asked to invite our membership to a Non-profit Appreciation Brunch sponsored by Capital One, at Capital One Cafe on May 5th from 1 pm to 4 pm. Because we are such large group in comparison to the other participants, we felt compelled to limit our confirmed reservations. It was decided to be a “first come first served RESERVED invitation,  limited to 25 members of our branch.This will be a great private, catered Party Brunch,  by Sunset Cafe’, a well known local Bistro. You will have a good time and know many of the people there, but not all, and that is fun also! Branch 8 Day is also Saturday. That is when Thom Watkins: Recruiting and Diversity and Publicity and Image, Community Outreach committees represent our wonderful branch!

 Cap One address: There are many parking lots around the Cafe.
Capital One Cafe 
139 South Main Street 
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

 All RESERVATIONS will be CONFIRMED through the following  process: 

  1.  e-mail or call me:Tony de Losada   H- 925-945-1730,
    Cell 510-566-2661, if you want to go to Brunch. 
  2. Send me or tell me, your email address and telephone number.
  3. I will send you a confirmation link. OPEN THE LINK ASAP.
  4. Fill-in the information in the link, click REGISTER: Indicate how many tickets for Brunch (1 or 2) Name, E-mail, click confirmation instructions; the listing takes 3 or four minutes.
  5. You will either receive a confirmation of your reserved space, or you will be told it is fully booked, “No more reservations.”
  6. You will be waitlisted ending Wednesday, May 3rd, at which time the wait list dissolves. After that, I’ll do the best I can for you!

The Brunch will be a great opportunity for all groups to network, create connections and discuss our Mission as a Non-Profit in the Community amongst each other.

During the Brunch we will give away a beautiful gift basket with Peet’s products and Capital One Branded items. There is going to be a sweepstakes entry ticket for the gift basket during the week. The tickets will be given to all general public visitors to the non-profit tables and the winner will be announced on Saturday at the luncheon.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.May 5th.
Best regards, 
Tony de Losada Director 2015-2019
 SIR Branch 8 Walnut Cree

“The mission of SIR is to improve the lives of our members through fun activities and events, while making friends for life!”


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