Table Pool

Jerry White 944-9068


(Activity renamed 8/19/2013 by the chairman: formerly “Pool”)
This activity is sponsored by SIR Branch 146 and meets every Monday of the month at 11:30 am at Masse’s 2721 North Main in Walnut Creek. No advance notice is necessary. Just show up and play. Cost is $5 for as long as you want to play. This is a special rate that Masse’s gives SIR members. You can also play during the day, at other times, for the same $5. Just tell them you’re a member of SIR. They play mostly two man teams of eight ball, or a unique three-player game call “Crazy Eights”, depending on the number of participants. They usually play for about 2 hours but not everyone stays for the final curtain. All SIRs in Area 2 are welcome.
For more Information contact Jerry White at 925-944-9068
or Bill Weinberg (Branch 146) at 925-682-0962

(Edited 09/13/15)