MRC plan

Member Relations Committee (MRC) will meet Tuesday, January 31, to discuss how we may continue to define & discuss recommendations from Branch Members, to the 12 Branch Executive Committee Members for action.

We earnestly solicit your membership suggestions and recommendations all year, for this task however, in 2016 we added the 3-Year Survey!

The results: MRC submitted the following Survey recommendations to the BEC: 

  1. Improve visual aids.
  2. Presenters repeat all question.
  3. Mixers for members to socialize in smaller groups.
  4. Post luncheon announcements: Hotline and Website.
  5. Activity Chairs maintain their current activity on website.
  6. Add Hotline link to e-mail blast.
  7. Add one column reading to Hotline.
  8. Periodically, provide progress reports.
  9. Publicize the distribution of branch expenses.
  10. Manage recruitment of new members.
  11. Ensure BEC meeting date, time, place is published prior to meeting.
  12. BEC minutes are readily accessible on the website.
  13. Communicate terms of BEC officers. Publish in Hotline and Website.
  14. “Man down!” protocol initiated

We do not have a 3-year survey this year; however, we may ask you to participate in one or two online surveys! I find the online survey procedure to be an excellent tool for relaying what your likes and dislikes are of branch functions and procedures.

This online method has shown to be quick, unobtrusive and accepted, with member participation at 65%. Another interesting figure: 68 % of members completing the survey were shown to be with us for only one to two years! Perhaps indicating current newcomers possess a high interest level in, familiarization with, and comfort towards, online polling.  

Please feel free to inform any member of MRC, about your suggestions or critiques, at any time! MRC will listen consider, and respond, it is what we are tasked to do and why we are here!

The Branch 8 Member Relations Committee, is currently composed of these members, who choose to exert personal extra membership effort to act on ideas and concerns brought to committee by the membership, for the betterment of Branch 8. They are:

Richard Bal, Bob Barnes, Ed Benson, Ron Cassano, Dave Davis, Stan Johnson, Tom Kerns, Rob Laaback, Dave Perkins, Bill Peterson, Steve Schramm, Darrell Sweetland, Jim Sowell, Ron Smith, Phil Trapp.

Invited, prospective MRC Members for 2017 are: (Tom Mohrman, Howard Meadows, Chris Tang, Thom Watkins, Bill Espey, Ron Brown.) 

e- mail addresses:  Richard Bal & Adrianne MD-256 <>, Bob Barnes <>,, Ron Cassano <>, Dave Davis <>, Stan Johnson <>, Tom Kerns <>, Rob Laaback <>, Dave Perkins <>, Bill Peterson <>, Steve Schramm <>, Ron and Judy Smith <>, Darryl Sweetland BS 8 16 <>, Jim & Sandy Sowell <>, Phil Trapp <>, Jim Whitsett <>,
Ron Brown <>, Bill Espey <>
Tom Mohrman (; Chris Tang   Thom Watkins,,

Tony de Losada, Chairman Member Relations Committee.

 Make friends for life!

Tony de Losada        Director 2015-2017 
Member Relations Committee Chairman- SIR Community Outreach Committee Chairman – Publicity and Image Chairman – State Growth and Membership Committee Member – Wine Finders # 1 Co-Chair- Recruiting Committee Member-Speaker Committee Member
Cell  Phone: 510-566-2661 e-mail :

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