Area 16 Computers and Technology

Branch 8 Coordinator: Bill Phelon,  254-8338

Chairman:  Neil Schmidt ( Branch 116

The SIR Area 16 Computer & Technology Group will be having a Zoom meeting on Thursday, August 19th at 9:30 AM. (The Zoom doors will open at 9:15 AM so come a little early to chat with friends).

     Our topic will be Windows 11 presented by Computers & Technology Director Frank May.  Frank will discuss the current functionality and status of Windows 10 and why the move by Microsoft to Windows 11. 

The first major question I– why is Microsoft moving away from providing updates to Windows 10 and to requiring Windows 11? 
What will that mean to individual users of Windows?  Much of the new known Windows 11 functionality revolves around the need to beef up security.
What is being added and why is it important? 
What additional functionality and features can we expect? 
Most importantly, at this point it looks like many recent PC’s may not run Windows 11 because of its processor requirements.
Frank will present the latest on the basic hardware requirements for the new OS 11. 
Neil Schmidt

Checkout the CAT website at  for a list of past presentations. 

We look forward to seeing you via Zoom Thursday, August 19, 2021 about 9:15 AM.  Sirs from all branches and their guests, including spouses, are welcome and invited to attend.  

Bill Phelon,,  254-8338

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