Bocce Ball Open Play

Updated 5/3/2019 DLS

Bocce Open Play 

Chairman Bob Barnes

Chairman: Bob Barnes
Assistant Chairman: Martin Hawco

Bob Barnes: 925-348-6443

Newhall Park – Open Play

Please refer to the document in the link below for the state/status of Open play. Open play is available in the May to October time frame. Open play is very dependent on the status of the courts that are maintained by the Concord League for League play.

We had a Bocce Ball Open Brunch on Friday October 22 at the Black Bear Diner in Walnut Creek. The brunch was held at 10:00 am with 11 attendees. All had an enjoyable brunch with plenty of food. The brunch ended around 11:30 am.

This year we had 21 members plus 1 partner participate throughout the year. We had a lady join us but her partner was not a member of Branch 8 and she was advised that she was unable to participate.

We play on the Concord courts in Newhall Park.  Newhall Park is located on Turtle Creek Rd. between Treat Blvd. and Ayers Rd. Play is open to all SIR members and partners. You do not require any knowledge of the game as we will show you how to play and explain the rules that govern the game of Bocce Ball.  We provide all the equipment (Bocce Balls and score boards). I organize whoever comes to play into teams. If you have any questions, please call the Activity Chairman.

Bob Barnes will step down as Activity Chairman for Bocce Ball Open. He has been the Chairman for about 15 years and thought that it was time for a new chairman. Bob will be Chairman until December 31 2021. On January 1, 2022 Martin Hawco will be the Activity Chairman.

I have enjoyed the activity very much. I did not know anything about the game (not even sure I knew the name) until the activity was created. I enjoyed all the comradery with fellow members. I wish Martin the same good joy that I had as Activity Chairman.


Location: Newhall Park Concord
Streets: off Turtle Creek Rd. between Ayers Rd. and Treat Blvd.
Play Time: 8:30 am till 10:30 am – courts are groomed after this time
Play Date: Friday 
Play Month: May – October

We play till the October time frame. It depends on the status of the weather (rain) and the condition of the courts (full of leaves). We begin in May after the Federation has prepared the courts for League play. 

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Bob Barnes, Activity Chairman
Martin Hawco, Assistant Chairman