2015 History Report

Couples Golf 2015 History Report

Chairman: Paul Derby

 Golf for couples had another great year of participation, friendship and fun.  All 12 of our games were played at Diablo Hills. 

            Our group continues to grow (more than doubled since we began) and our average turnout per game was 11 couples.  As of the 1st of December, our roster (copy attached) consists of 23 couples.  Couples Golf was starter by SIR Don Atwater in 2011 with a membership of about 6 couples.           

            “Marshal Creativity” continues to be encouraged and we had some spectacularly creative play formats.  During 2015 we played formats such as “3 Club”, “Scramble”, “Best Ball” and “Steichen’s Surprise”. 

            Because we have outgrown the ability to hold our annual holiday party at the Batesole’s home, this year Margaret and Gordon organized our get-together at the restaurant in Boundary Oak … where we had a great turnout.           .

            Margaret Batesole continued to do an outstanding job of preparing our monthly activity reports and generating enthusiasm.  We tried to make her the official Assistant Chair Person, but she was disqualified because of her gender, so Joe Dell’Orfano accepted the position.

Sadly, Joe Dell’Orfano had to transfer to Inactive membership but his loss was offset by Paul Hersch stepping in to take his place as Assistant Chairman.