Wine Finders 1, 2, 3


WF-1 Bob Price
Bob Price

WF-2 Ron Cassano
Ron Cassano

WF-3 Larry McEwen
Larry McEwen

April’s WINEFINDERS-1 gathering will be hosted by Sir Bob and Sandy Price at their home, 88 Cliff Lane,. Walnut Creek, 6 PM..  Phone = 925 937-6814..  We will gather to taste various RED ZINFANDELS  from all over the planet, to hopefully obtain a broader spectrum of taste characteristics.  Remember  to bring your own “branded” glass, 1 per person, and each couple brings an appetizer to be shared with the other members, paired with your ZIN selection.  Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday, April 13.  We need your selections sooner (not later).  Thanks, Winos Bob and Tony
Thanks to all! 
Wino Bob

Next meeting Thursday April 13 at 6pm with the Eichs hosting. The initial choice was for Meritage wines, but that’s been broadened to include red blends as Meritages were scarce on the shelves of the wine stores.

Anyone want to start Winefinders #4? Call me Ron Cassano.



Hotline Article for Winefinders III 

Almost a full complement of Winefinder III folks gathered at the home of Larry & Holley Yarberry to sample Cabernet Sauvignons where we welcomed Richard and Valerie Jo Remley to our group.  Studiously avoiding activities such as horseshoes, bocce ball or practicing putting in their new back yard, we instead noshed on endless shrimp, pate, high tea sandwiches and roast beef skewers while we warmed up on a Mirassou Merlot provided by our host.  The formal tasting consisted of wines ranging in price from $40 and $25 from BevMo’s 5 cent sale to a $4.19 Mirassou from a mystery source and $4.50 Sutter Home from Safeway which, bolstered by its two price bonus points, turned out to be a winner and was provided by Gene and Mary Lou Paschal.  Prior to finding our way homes we were treated to coffee and lemon eclairs by our hosts.

Larry McEwen  


Chair WF-1: Bob Price sprice (925) 937-6814
Co- Chair WF-1: Tony de Lasada  510-566-2661
Chair WF-2: Ron Cassano (925)944-1238
Coord. WF-3 Larry McEwen (925) 939-3216

5/1/2017 updated DLS


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