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Chairman: Ed Benson


Sirs in the Kitchen
Change in Meeting Date
Due to the travel commitments of Executive Chef Ed and Ms Donna, the May meeting, a Hawaiian Luau, will be held at 11:00, Tuesday, May 30.
This is being written just before EC Ed and Ms Donna leave for the Greek Isles on a real clipper ship no less.
On May 30, we’ll be having a luau with Hawaiian lime ribs, kalua pork sliders on Hawaiian sweet rolls with Hawaiian BBQ sauce, firecracker coleslaw and EC Ed’s Hawaiian non-upside down cake bites with vanilla ice cream. The appetizers will include seared ahi and Spam musubi. It will be a terrific luau, but we’ll have to do it without the emu ceremony. As of this writing, 25 have signed up.
There will be no Sirs in the Kitchen meeting in June as we’ll all be at the Branch 8 BBQ.
Sirs in the Kitchen is now at 54 members. If you want to join, drop Executive Chef Ed an email (, call him (925-943-7011) or catch him at the monthly meeting. So far, we’ve always had room for anyone who was able to attend, and our typical luncheon turns out 25, or so. You don’t have to be an experienced cook (our members have all levels of cooking ability), and all meetings are held at Casa Benson. The usual shared cost for the luncheon and wine Is $20, and that’s still the best deal in town.
Should any Sirs want our recipes, email Executive Chef Ed, and they’ll be sent to you.
updated 5/21/2017 dls


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