Community Outreach – Publicity and Image

Sir Community Outreach Committee is pleased, that because of Committee effort, being effective with so many “irons in the fire,” it is beginning to show benefit for the Branch and potential to increase Branch vitality. The mission of SIR Community Outreach is: To reach as many large groups of people, particularly M/F Seniors, that we can, to tell them about the benefits of “Social and Personal Activity” through association with SIR and particularly with Branch 8. Since we do not have an advertising budget, and not many in our communities, know what SIR is… we created our “SIR Community Outreach!” There are many ways we reach out and spread the word about SIR Branch 8, and virtually, for free! One of the best parts is, we engage the public and, have fun while doing it!

We’ve successfully, connected with many Senior Help Agencies run by cities, such as Walnut Creek and Concord, who are dedicated to helping Seniors live better, and in most cases, “in place.” We are also making good effort and progress with major local venues like, Kaiser Hospital.

  • Booked information tables at Farmers Markets in Orinda May 8th, and Walnut Creek Sunday June 26, again on Sunday July 28. (by the way, don’t be shy, guys we always need volunteers.) Shop for vegetables, bakery goods while there. Our participation is always informational not Recruiting!
  • Good Kaiser connection, to present Branch 8 information and activities to their membership and/or associates and, to secure an Information table in their Walnut Creek Main Garden Area. Kaiser Farmers Market is on Tuesdays. Volunteer! It has beautiful setting, fresh vegetables and great food.
  • Excellent relationship with City of Concord, we team up on activities, share the transportation they operate and provide. Some of you know how many great and interesting activities for Seniors the City of Concord has. Look for Ed Benson and Jim Warner, “Bargain Wines” outings and Steve Schramm’s “Sirs at the Games” may come up with less expensive member transport to future events.
  • The City of Walnut Creek, Senior Agencies are looking for Seniors to accommodate their social activities and needs. They are staffed with good professional people and we will work together to our mutual benefit. They, several City agencies know about us now, and can impart information about SIR to the people they work with variously.
  • Walnut Creek: First Wednesday! Food and entertainment, Wine Tasting, Gawking! Main and Locust downtown. 5:pm to 8: pm. Free Parking! Branch 8 will have an Information table.
  •  Oakmont Senior Living Concord, shows great interest in our Branch, could prove to be very significant for more than our Branch alone. Big Sir Darryl Sweetland, is on this one!

One of the many reasons, I enjoy being a SIR!

Tony de Losada, Chairman
SIR Community Outreach Committee,(SCOC.)

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