Form 27 – Branch 8 version

To increase the size of the Form 27 click on it and press Control-+ (Press Control and the Plus key together). Mac users use Cmd  and the + key.

To reduce the size press Control/Cmd and – keys together.

Form 27 is a State form that each branch completes, and submits monthly. At Branch 8 we split out the ‘Repeat’ guests from a ‘1st Time’ guest (line 19 –> 19A and 19B) so we have a better picture of how many potential new members we are attracting. For State purposes the two numbers are not separated but we think that leads to possible complacency due to double counting! We also record the number of Activities we offer (beginning 1/1/2013)

The real purpose of Form 27 is to give branches a tool for diagnosing Branch ‘health’, and your BEC reviews this form every month.

7/7/2017 updated  DLS

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