Digital Photography

Bill Phelon

Chairman: 254-8338

As announced, the meeting protocol for this year has been modified.  Each Theme will run for 2 meetings to give each of us more opportunity to get the shots we want.  So each meeting we will have a new Theme as well as bringing photos from the Theme for the previous month.  You can divide your 12 photos between the 2 Themes  however you like – i.e., you don’t have to split the 12 photos 50-50.  Another benefit of including shots using the previous month’s Theme is that you can take photos using ideas or techniques learned from others the previous month. 

Your photo limit is 12 shots on a thumb drive, as it has been for some time now.  Also, there is no change in our flexibility – you can bring photos you think the members would enjoy or learn from, whether they support the current Themes or not.

All are encouraged to discuss your own and other photos – what you liked, what you didn’t like.  The goal is to help each other improve their photography.

References for the March Theme, Cityscapes have been circulated by email from Dave Davis.  Click here for the list of Theme assignments for 2017.

Happy shooting!
Dave Davis  838-1753

Bill Phelon, Chair     Dave Davis, Vice Chair
254-8338                    838-1753

4/2/2017 updated  DLS

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