BEC Agenda

JULY 10, 2017    Call to order at 9:00 am.Secretary establishes quorum 

Big Sir Welcome – Recognition of visitors and guests  


 Secretary’s Report – Erland Persson
Review of minutes and Schedule of Operations

Big SIR Report – Mike Long 

Closed session after this meeting for BEC members only to elect new HLM member.  
Special thanks to LDL Chair Nat Bitton and BBQ Chair Phil Trapp and Committees for these very successful June events.

 *  Review May Form 27      *   
Propose to eliminate quarterly pro-rates charges (dues and Hotline) to  half year payments.

Discussion concerning Branch 8 Form 27 for June 2017 and past agreement  that for months without BEC meeting, to use the previous month’s numbers.

 *  Big Sir to attend the August 8th Annual Meeting

Progress in addressing Membership and Attendance branch rules          

Attendance Secretary Report –  Bill Peterson
Approve Attendance and Delinquencies Reports

Little Sir Report – Phil Trapp 

Treasurer Report – Ron Cassano   
Approve Form 28 

Membership Secretary Report – Bob Barnes
Approve Membership Report


Nominating – Darryl  Sweetland 

Publicity and Community Outreach Committees –Tony de Losada 

Member  Relations Committee – Tony de Losada 

Activity Committee – Steve Schramm 

Recruitment – Ed Benson 

Communications/Hotline – Dan Weller    

Member Feedback – Jim Sowell   

  1. NEW BUSINESS :    
  1. 10:00 am. – INDUCTION NEW MEMBERS 
    Bob Barnes:  Sponsor role and swearing in  

10:30 CLOSE & ADJOURN – Next Luncheon Meeting on August 14th


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